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Osmonds Electromin Sheep Bolus
This is the most modern, convenient and long term way to administer trace elements to your sheep. As..
Osmonds Electromin High Fertility
High Iodine bolus with added selenium, manganese, cobalt, iron and Vit B12. It is an ideal bolus on ..
Osmonds Footbath Mat
Regular routine foot bathing is central element of an overall lameness control plan, along with hoof..
Osmonds DualDip
Osmonds DualDip is a ready to use product for pre and post milking hygiene. It can be used pre or po..
A non-foaming dairy liquid detergent/steriliser for pipeline circulation and bulk tank cleaning in h..
ImmunoCalf is a complementary feed for pre-ruminant calves. It contains a unique blend of Alpha-mono..
Ridacox is a ready to use (thick white) oral suspension for prevention of clinical signs of Coccidio..
Safe and efficient farm monitoring • The farmCam allows you to overview up to 4 areas.  Comple..
Injectable antiparasitic for cattle and sheep. Treats adult and immature liver flukes..
Osmonds Footbath
Specially formulated footbath to help maintain and care for cattle and sheep hooves. It is a biodegr..