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Fluke drench effective against adult liver fluke in cattle and sheep and suitable for young, pregnan..
Vitaboost NA
Electrolyte solution for oral use in calves, lambs and pigs. It helps to re-hydrate stock ..
General purpose udder ointment, with excellent skin conditioning properties. For use on sore teats a..
Injection for treatment of liver fluke (caused by infestations of mature and immatureFasciola h..
Trivaction 6
This vaccine is administered prior to calving in dairy/suckler cows and heifers to stimulate antibod..
Tribovax T
Suspension for injection, for active immunisation of cattle from 2 weeks old against diseases associ..
Tracel Calfmin Bolus
Long acting calf bolus that provides essential trace elements for optimum bone and muscle growth and..
Peracetic acid for scale prevention. Removes chlorine carry over risk in final rinse. Very effective..
Teat Seal NA
non-antibiotic dry cow sealer Non-antibiotic dry cow treatment (for use in cows with SCC of less th..
Supersan Extra
A non-foaming dairy liquid detergent/steriliser for pipeline circulation and bulk tank cleaning in h..