Osmonds Footbath Mat
Osmonds Footbath Mat

Osmonds Footbath Mat

Product Code: SP143

Regular routine foot bathing is central element of an overall lameness control plan, along with hoof paring and clean housing and roadways. Research estimates the total cost of a case of lameness is €280 for digital dermatitis (includes reduced milk production of up to 10% (due to reduced dry matter intake); longer calving to conception interval; greater number of insemination; veterinary costs; treatment costs; milk withdrawal; culling etc).

Osmonds Footbath Mat

Dimensions: 180cm x 90cm x 10cm

  • Convenient way to foot bath cows or sheep.
  • Animal hardly knows they are walking over a footbath, so they defecate less.
  • Simply place at the exit of the parlour and allow cows to pass over twice daily for two days.
  • Position in a sheep race when they are in being dosed or dipped.

Using the Footbath Mat:

  • Place at exit area of milking parlour or in crush or raceway for sheep.
  • Area should be level, clean and have no rough stones.
  • Ideally the animal’s hooves should be clean prior to stepping onto the Footbath Mat.
  • Do not position at a turning point and all 4 hooves must walk on the mat.
  • Pour the mixed solution of Osmonds Footbath directly onto the Footbath Mat. This should be done slowly to allow the sponge to completely soak up the footbath mixture.
  • Footbath Mat holds approximately 120 - 160 litres of solution.
  • It can take up to 15 minutes to fill Footbath Mat on 1st usage
  • Top up or replenish the footbath solution, as necessary (after 200 cow passes or 500 sheep).
  • After use, the Footbath Mat should be washed using a light power washer to remove surface faecal material.
  • Remove the liquid from the Footbath Mat by turning over the mat onto opposite side and walking on mat, allowing the liquid to drain away into an appropriate storage tank.
  • Allow the Footbath Mat dry, by placing it on its side against a wall.

To increase the working life of the Footbath Mat

  • Do not use corrosive material on the mat i.e. Formalin.
  • Do not lift or move the Footbath Mat while it is full.
  • Do not place the Footbath Mat on sharp objects i.e. stones.
  • Place the Footbath Mat in the area it is to be used first and then fill with Footbath solution.

Click here to download Osmonds Footbath Mat brochure.


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