Osmonds Electromin High Fertility

Osmonds Electromin High Fertility

Product Code: SP146

High Iodine bolus with added selenium, manganese, cobalt, iron and Vit B12. It is an ideal bolus on its own or in combination with Copper Plus Bolus to rectify any trace element shortfalls in the available diet.

Duration: 180 days. Dose Level: 2 boli (per animal over 400kg’s).

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Pack Size: 20’s

Product Specifications
SIZE 20 x 70g boli per pack
TARGET To improve trace element levels (particularly Iodine). Its slow release makes it very convenient to use. Ideal post calving to boost fertility or for animals on brassica crops.
DESCRIPTION Once the bolus is in the stomach it increases in size by 15%, as it absorbs moisture from the stomach and releases the trace elements. It provides a controlled daily level of trace elements over the entire 180 days (6 months) of the bolus.
STORAGE Store out of reach of children at less than 25°C, away from light and moisture.
APPLICATION RATE & TIMING Administer 2 boli after calving or to animals on brassica crops (kale, fodder beet or turnips). It can also be combined with Copper Plus where required.
GENERAL NOTES This bolus suits situations where stock are low in iodine, where the farmer wants to boost fertility or is grazing brassica crops.

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