Osmonds Electromin Sheep Bolus
Osmonds Electromin Sheep Bolus Osmonds Electromin Sheep Bolus

Osmonds Electromin Sheep Bolus

Product Code: SP147

This is the most modern, convenient and long term way to administer trace elements to your sheep. As the bolus delivers precise amounts of zinc, manganese, iodine, copper, selenium and cobalt into the sheep’s system every day for 4 months, that means, there is no waste. It is ideal for ewes or lambs over 25kgs to help to maximise growth, boost milk and fleece yield, while enhancing immunity.

Duration: 120 days. Dose Level: 1 boli (per lamb over 25kgs); 2 boli (per ewe).

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Pack Size: 100’s


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Product Specifications
SIZE 100 x 7g boli per pack
TARGET Ideal bolus to improve reproductive performance in ewes and increase lamb growth weight.
DESCRIPTION Long acting bolus to help lambs hit key target weights. It is of significant benefit to ewes pre-tupping to optimise flushing and maximise the number of lambs born per ewe. The bolus is very convenient to use and now with the new unique Bolus Gun design it is even easier to administer.
STORAGE Store out of reach of children at less than 25°C, away from light and moisture.
APPLICATION RATE & TIMING Ewes: ideal to use 2 boli pre-tupping to maximise flushing performance. It is also of benefit to give to ewes while lambs are suckling. Lambs: once lambs are over 25kg they can be given one bolus to optimise performance and help them to hit target weights, on time. It is essential that trace elements are not the limiting factor to animal thrive.
GENERAL NOTES This bolus is ideal for lambs above 25kg and ewes pre-tupping or after lambing. It is easy to administer with the newly designed Bolus Gun and the slow release ensure there is no waste of trace elements.

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