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Broad spectrum Abamectin drench for sheep, giving excellent treatment and control of nematodirus, strongyles, lungworms, roundworms and nasal bots. Contains 0.08% Abamectin.

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Pack Size: 2.5L & 5L (treats 500 x 40kg sheep)

Product Specifications
SIZE 2.5 Litre & 5 Litre
DESCRIPTION Contains 0.08% Abamectin Broadspectrum Abamectin drench for sheep.
STORAGE Protect from light. Do not store above 25oC. Keep out of reach of children.
APPLICATION RATE & TIMING 1ml/4kg body weight.
WITHHOLDING PERIOD Meat withdrawal is 16 days. Do not use in ewes producing milk for human consumption.
TARGET PESTS or treatment and control of gastro intestinal nematodirus, strongyles, Lungworms, roundworms and Nasal bots. Always read the label first. Body wt Dose Dose per 5L pack 15kg 3.75ml 1333 30kg 7.5ml 666 40kg 10ml 500 50kg 12.5ml 400 70kg 17.5ml 286
GENERAL NOTES Broad-spectrum Abamectin drench for sheep (only). Assess body weight accurately before calculating dosage Operators should wear protective gloves, boots and rubber ware.

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